Encontros Da Imagem- Portugal and Photometria Photo Festival- Greece (7 cities.)

Encontros Da Imagem Image

“After much discussion, the examination of hundreds of applications sent in, our jury has finally reached a decision. It’s never an easy task, but it’s always inspiring. 
This year, applications came all over the world, making the selection process both more exciting ! 
Thanks again for the time that you invested in your application, and for sharing your images with us.
 Your series has been selected. Please consider invited to visit our Festival in the open holy week 15-20 of September in Braga”

Sadly I couldn’t visit Braga as a selection of my work was projected in a nighttime exhibition. Sounds beautiful, but that old thing called a ‘job’ keeps getting in the way!

. Through this action, the festival gets closer to the community and values the importance of photography in the construction of collective memory. Facing the challenge of critical reflection about the place of Faith and Hope in the national and inter national art and culture scene as well as proposing new approaches to their visual exploration.

The project presents photographers from around the world in a documentary exploration of contemporary photography. The result is a slide show which is a presentation of similarities and contrasts a visual narrative about the desires / anxieties of the human being.
This project hopes to contribute to the strengthening of emerging projects and to establish the cooperation between participating organizations.

List of Authors to the Projection Night!

Agnieszka Rayss, Alexander Veledzimovich, Ambre Peyrotti, Cecilia Sauri, David Barnes, David Infante,

David Barreiro, Dulce Pinzón, Erik Messori, Fabian Pio, Freya Najadi, Giulia Marchi, Gustavo Aleman,

Jana Romanova, Jordi Pizarro, Juan Aballe, Karolina Jonderko, Klaus Lundi, Linda Dorigo, Magda Hueckel, Marc Wendelsky & Nicolas Clements – Isabelle Pateer, Michel Le Belhomme, Vitorio Mortarotti, Nikita Pirogov, Patricia Gouvêa, Paul O’Leary, Piotr Zbierski, Rute Violante, Rute Moore, Samuel Lugassy, Sandra Calligaro, Sergio Carvalho, Sylvain Granjon, Scott Typaldos, Sharon Boothroyd, Thibaud Yevnine, Tiago Santana, Touko Hujanen, Valter Vinagre, Viktoria Sorochinsky, Wolfgang Muelle



Photometria Photo Festival- Greece (7 cities.)

FILE-20150406-1435HJD5RZT6AXL5 Photometria Festival[1]

Also In September I was one of twenty five photographers chosen to exhibit my work in the Photometria touring exhibition. The work will visit seven cities in Greece between September 2014 – January 2015.









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