World Design Capital 2014 and Month Of Photography (MOP6) Cape Town, South Africa.

“The series speaks about the diversity of ordinary people that make up the bricks of ordinary lives in ordinary towns. The opposite of famous and opposite of ‘going places’. A portrait exhibition where the images are printed larger than life on outdoor boards placed by O’Leary on the fences of building sites”
Jenny Altschuler-Festival Director
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Company Gardens (Come in at Iziko SA National Gallery Annexe) – POPCAP’14 Prize for African Contemporary Photography Winner outdoor Installation: Ilan Godfrey; Joanna Choumali; Leonard Pongo; Patrick Willocq; Annouk Steketee and  Eefje Blankevoort. Also Paul O’Leary UK lecturer – ‘We live and Die in these Towns‘. Runs till 20 October.

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