Last month we took our BA Photo students to Bristol. Day 1 we went to a beautifully curated exhibition by Amak Mahmoodian. Her previous work based on her place of birth (Iran) explores the contrast between what is viewed as an accepted Identity in public places and an alternative identity in private places (Individual identity instead of social/religious acceptability). This exhibition continues to look at women’s/her role in society. She uses engaging tactics to bridge the gap between myth, memory, life and death. A great exhibition for drama and the encounter experience.

Day 2. Off to the Martin Parr Foundation

What a fantastic experience. If you love photography this is the place to be. In Flagrante is one of my all-time favourite photography works. We had the pleasure of looking through his original prints and dummy versions of the book. In Flagrante was re-released at Killip’s request. The re-release ensured that all photographs were printed on single sheets rather than crossing over two pages. This was so the original sitters could buy the book and cut out their portrait (an affordable way of the sitters owning a print). This sentiment and one taken from his original text to accompany the book stuck with me. We can’t always change people’s lives with our camera but we can record their existence and we have an obligation to share the work with those who gave their time. freely 

Day 3.

Another fantastic exhibition. Athi- Patra Ruga and his work Knight of the Long Knives, blew me away. The vibrancy and celebration of culture was stunning. It reminded me of the first time that I came across David LaChapelle’s practice and how their work merges fashion, performance and contemporary art. Work that takes us to an alternate reality and forces the audience to engage. Ace!

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