Well, that’s the end of one of the weirdest years of my life, as it was for most people that I came in contact with (socially distanced of course). Anxiety and solitude resonated throughout. In strange and difficult times like these Photography and Art can become a cathartic outlet or the creative process can be surpressed, sidelined and dulled by basic survival instincts. This Semester I delivered 3 lecturers to my 3rd year students on Strategies and Motivations of image-makers. The lecturers are there to support students as they navigate through the final process of building a photographic identity. During one of these lectures, I discuss what makes me tick within the world of photography and what identities I try to sustain. These are; Photographer, Educator and Director of International Photography Festival. 

Gabriel Brown

Without doubt teaching has dominated the usual rotation of my identities. Blended Learning (Online and On Campus delivery) has been a steep learning curve but keeping the ethos of our course and keeping our students motivated had to be our number one objective. The course is one of the most respected and established in the country with over 40 years history in the sector. Covid-19 was a challenge that needed our complete focus in the short-term. Next year I’m determined to readdress the balance with an upcoming solo exhibition and the rebirth of www.photocitizens.com It’s a time to look after the head and the soul!

Below is some of our student success since my last post.

  • One of our students was awarded a silver medal in the Association of Photography student awards. This was one of the most prestigious awards in the sector and the second year in a row that we have had success. 
  • One of our L6 student was featured on Sky Arts. Her work was selected by Rankin to be published in his book that captures images from this extraordinary year. 
  • One student had their fashion work published in Marika magazine 
  • One student had their fashion published in Los Angeles. 
  • One student had their first professional photographic product commission, with no less than Joules. 
  • We also had a Bursary success. The Peter Hansell Scholarship fund that is supported by the Royal Photographic Society. The fund provides financial support for any person working in a programme of study or research in the field of illustrative documentation in medicine.

These accolades shout of the resilience that our students have. In a desperate year they have proved that they have a ’make it happen’ attitude. 

Cara Roberts
Laura Colclough
Megan Clorley
Mia Palmer
Jade Ward
Lauren Emerson

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