Little did I know how Covid-19 was going to impact this year. Initially, I thought that we might finish for Easter a couple of weeks early and all of this would blow over. This period of time has been all about getting my degree student through their degree with integrity. One (if not the) most testing modules during lockdown was Individual Practice 2. This is a 3rd year piece and the module title gives a clear indication of this module’s intentions. The international uncertainty during this period caused a lot of stress but the students were amazing. The Photo Team sent out clear guidance in regards how they would complete the module. This was followed with gathering the whole year online to clarify any concerns that they may have. Prior to Lockdown one of our students had travelled to Paris, New York, Milan and London Fashion Weeks. This was one of the strongest examples of networking and research that we could ever ask for. It was so sad that there was no Degree Show but online platforms such as Photograd were explored. Students are becoming really aware of the legacy footprint of digital platforms. I’ve attached a couple of Lockdown images from our level 5 students and a couple from L6. Again, I’ve got to say that it doesn’t feel quite right to finish the year without the spectacular encounter of an exhibition. Let’s see how the next academic year looks. 

Tim Aldridge
Sam Bailey
Steph Wass
Luke White

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